Ep.81 - The Hangover

June 1, 2017

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Jaret, Rich, the lovely Casey, and Kiddy Corner Wil discuss this week's movie, "The Hangover". We do another game of 5 Questions with Ashley C, and we also pull some questions out of the mailbag.  If you have a question, write us at jaretgoestothemovies@gmail.com.

Ep.44 - Tommy Boy

September 8, 2016

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Jaret, Rich, and Casey discuss this week's movie, "Tommy Boy" as well as life, love, and other crazy topics like losing weight, nicknames, SNL comedies, bad jingles, Gene Wilder movies, refrigerators in the UK, Bo Derek, Rob Lowe, and much, much more!  Oh and we also did another game of 5 Questions with $50 supporter, Wendy Kropf. New guests, "Papa 3" and "Kitty Corner Will" hang out for a bit, as well.  If you have a question, write us at jaretgoestothemovies@carsickfatkid.com.

Ep.8 - The Beach (w/ SPECIAL GUEST)

December 10, 2015

Thanks to special guest and world traveler, Matt Shofman

You can find him here:

Things discussed in this episode:

  • Jaret drinks snake blood
  • Rich gets a real job
  • Jaret plays ping pong
  • Jaret parties with the lady boys
  • Rich shaves his adam's apple
  • Jaret tucks the biscuit
  • Jaret gets hostel
  • Jaret drinks himself to sleep
  • Rich has a foursome
  • Jaret swims with sharks
  • Jaret t-bags our guest
  • Rich gets an infatuation
  • Jaret gets raped by a spider monkey
  • Rich goes to a beach in a whore shoe
  • Jaret masturbates in a tent
  • Rich does algebra sex
  • Jaret picks up girls in Atlanta
  • Rich gets a female companion
  • Jaret plays cricket
  • Rich has shrimp-water sex
  • Jaret misses the boob shot
  • Jaret wears dirty underwear
  • Rich can't find the girls
  • Jaret gets his black belt
  • Jaret eats Kurdish cheese
  • Rich gets fungus in his rice
  • Rich stabs himself
  • Jaret kills a man
  • Rich chooses not to die
  • Rich shows his ninja skills
  • Jaret joins the #AmazingRace

Ep.6 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

November 26, 2015

Things discussed in this VERY SPECIAL THANKSGIVING episode:

  • Jaret names his band
  • Jaret collaborates with Japan
  • Rich celebrates life
  • Jaret shoots a human
  • Rich teaches grammar
  • Jaret connects with #KevinBacon
  • Jaret has relations with #JohnTesh
  • Rich looks for the perfect girl
  • Rich gets delayed at O'Hare
  • Rich gets locked out of his house
  • Jaret parties with the hot one in #DestinysChild
  • Rich gets real
  • Jaret feels feelings
  • Jaret tells a story with a point
  • Rich get interesting, accidentally
  • Jaret takes a shower
  • Rich uses two pillows in Germany
  • Rich chooses vaping
  • Jaret shits on Rich's nose
  • Jaret feels all the feelings
  • Rich finally connects with Jaret
  • Jaret gets attacked by a coat
  • Rich discovers his dating philosophy
  • Rich thinks he thought
  • Jaret uses his Diners Club card
  • Rich goes on a journey
  • Rich gets a turkey from Chicken Express
  • Jaret feels feelings, yet again
  • Eventually, we get around to talking about #PlanesTrainsAndAutomobiles, as well

Ep.2 - National Lampoon’s Vacation

October 29, 2015

Things discussed in this episode:

  • Jaret gets carsick
  • Jaret and Rich tackle and solve racism
  • Jaret breaks his sternum
  • Rich has a pillow trifecta 
  • Jaret burns himself before the stuff comes out
  • Jaret enjoys a bushy Rupert Murdock
  • Jaret gets some facts about the cast correct
  • Rich can't keep a girl because he's an asshole about movies
  • Jaret pays homage to 12 different religions
  • Rich likes corduroy OP shorts
  • Jaret and Rich argue about punk rock
  • Eventually, we get around to talking about National Lampoon's Vacation as well